Monday, July 24, 2017

Just a Little Ho Hum.....

Adding the Trimmings.....

After all the Excitement of the Teeny-Tiny books last week, Dear Readers, I have to confess that the furnishings for the next room in the Secret Christmas House seemed a bit unexciting to me. Maybe I was just getting so used to the wonders of the tiny furniture in all it's perfect details, that making another tiny chair or bedside table just wasn't very challenging! Okay, the beautiful Sleigh bed did present some challenges, but really went together very easily! The furnishings for this room are the Sleigh Bed, the tall Victorian Dresser, two bedside tables and the wing chair. Certainly a lovely matching bedroom set!

Here you can see them all assembled prior to staining them.

Here the wooden pieces are painted the brown color 
recommended in the kit instructions.
 The chair will need to be painted as the other wing chairs
 with Many Many coats of paint until it looks "plush"!

Here they are varnished 
and the bed mattress and covers have been added......
and the mirror in the dresser too!

Here the bedside "lamps" made from 
beads supplied in the kit have been added, 
and the pillows on the bed.

Oh, and a lovely red pillow on the bed too!
But is that All?
Well, let's see how they look inside the room....

Hmmm.... it just looks a bit plain to me!
The only "decoration" that is still to be added
 is supposed to be a couple of wrapped "gifts"
one on the dresser and a couple behind the chair. 
Oh, and the chair will have a pillow 
and a "throw" draped over the arm.
Even with those details, 
I think it a teeny bit of a Yawn.
Well, I tell you, Dear Readers, I couldn't leave it so bare!
To begin with, I thought the dresser should have 
a small tray with some perfumes and lotions on it.....

Oh dear, my lighting is not very good... 
You can probably barely see them!

Here, maybe this is a little better.....
I made the "mirrored tray" by cutting an oval out of the corner
 scrap left over from the mirror provided in the kit.
Then I added the tiniest beads I could find in my old collection....

Here... can you see it now?
(Go ahead and poke the pictures to enlarge them!)
I think this is much more fun than just a wrapped gift...
And I just can't imagine a Lady's dresser without these bottles!
And while I was adding tiny beads....
I thought the bedside table should have an old alarm clock....

Can you even see it there!
Does it even look like an alarm clock?
Well, I am pretending it does!

Perhaps we should test them inside the room....
I think they add a wonderful layer of "realism"!
And since I have been thinking so much about teeny-tiny books...

Well, I had to make one for the other bedside table!
Because, surely the Lady of the house might like to read in bed.
But truly, Dear Readers, I could not leave the bed alone either....
because I could not imagine that all the rush of preparing for Christmas 
wouldn't leave the bed covered in wrapping paper and partly wrapped gifts.....

I had to make some scissors out of wire....
Can you see them there?
I know... they are really Huge!
(perhaps they are the kitchen shears!)

And I had to add some thread for ribbon draped on the floor.....
And then we need to see how it looks in the room....

Can you see it at all?
Oh and the unfinished chair too....

Just imagine a lacy throw over the chair
(when it is painted)
and a few wrapped gifts hidden in the corner behind the chair....
And who knows.... maybe even a footstool and some slippers....
Or a shopping bag with gifts inside....!
As you can see, Dear Readers, 
this room was just a little too Ho-hum, 
So I have been adding all the little trimmings!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Speaking Of The Library.....

The Tiniest Books Ever!

I Left you last week, Dear Readers, having borrowed a chair from the Library in order to serve you tea and cake in the still incomplete Sitting Room. I am glad so many of you came by for a visit! And when I returned to the making of the furniture from these tiny kits, the Library was uppermost on my mind. (The Sitting Room is temporarily on hold while I figure out the upholstery and curtains.) The Library Table needed to have a Lamp added to it, and I was instructed to "find an ivory bead" in the bag of teeny tiny pieces from which these accessories were to be assembled. Alas, there was no Ivory bead! I checked and re-checked and could not find it! So I had to improvise. I pulled out some random beads I have had in a wooden box ever since I was a teenager. I truly don't know where I got them from! There was a slightly lop-sided one that I thought could be made to look like a lamp shade if only viewed from one angle, so I added it to the pin and then the two little copper beads for the stand, and glued it into the hole I drilled in the table top! Yes, they ask you to Drill into the furniture!! Above you can see the table with the new lamp! And while I was at it, I added the green bead to the globe stand. Eventually I will paint a little bit of ocean onto it! But the really fun part was just beginning.... this kit has Books! Yes, it really does! They are just printed paper, and are meant to be folded and glued shut or left open as one pleases. They are ever so tiny!

The instructions do not say to add anything for the "pages" 
but I didn't follow the instructions...
I wanted my books to have some three-dimensionality to them
so I added a tiny piece of cardboard to each book for the "pages"!
The first one is on the table above... can you see the pages?
(Go ahead, poke the pictures to see them larger!)

Here you can see one of the "open" books to the right.... 
but it is still just flat....
It needs pages too....

But before I get to that, I must see how it looks inside the Library...
Sorry about the dark photo.... 
(that little light must not be turned on properly!)
And there are more books to add....

Another flat open face-down book... which needs pages added, 
and another one on the chair....

And now the opened books also have their pages added! 
That table is getting crowded... 
I will have to stack the books somehow, 
or spread them onto other chairs around the house!
And then I had one of Those ideas, Dear Readers, 
the kind that torments you until you give it a try....

I thought the Library Table needed an ink well and a quill pen!
 Can you see I have added a Teeny tiny feather and ink pot?
I made the tiny quill pen 
from a tiny goosedown feather 
that was shed from my coat last winter!
Yes, I saved them! 
It needed some careful trimming... 
and I found the tiniest "pewter" bead in my old bead box....
But can you see it????

Here, I have set it against a dark backdrop.... 
can you see it now? 
Right there in the middle?
Well, never mind if you can't.... 
I will know it is there!

And then I added the "oceans" to the globe....

You will have to understand that it is a very old globe... 
and perhaps their knowledge of the size of the continents was not very exact!

And then we have to see how it all looks inside the Library....

Which is extremely difficult to photograph with enough light and clear focus!

I think I need to add some writing paper to that table.....!
And just How Tiny are those books, you ask?

Well, look! 
Here's the open face-down one...
Can you see it there on my finger?
I am saving it for a chair in the Sitting Room!
 I am sure you will agree, Dear Readers, 
that these must be the Tiniest Books Ever!
Speaking of the Library...... 
My favorite room in the House!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Tea For Two....

Two Too Tiny.....

While Waiting for the matte acrylic varnish to arrive, Dear Readers, I decided to continue assembling the remaining furnishings for this room. In the above picture you can see the mirror already assembled because I forgot to take any progress pictures. It was fairly straight forward gluing layers together and painting with gold acrylic paint. The mirror itself is mylar and does reflect the viewer.... a tiny bit! And while I was at it I added another five or six coats of paint to the Wing-backed easy chairs....

I have lost count of the layers, I think I have done thirteen coats of paint!
I am planning to do the colored layers next... 
as soon as I make up my mind Exactly what color they should be! 
And in order to aid in the decision, 
I thought the rest of the furnishings should be as complete as possible
 so I can get a feel for the look of the room.

Here you can see the mirror and the parlor stove propped in place.
(I will not glue them in until all the pieces are done)
And then I realized that the Library furniture
 (the next room after the Sitting Room) 
would also need to be "varnished" 
and so I might as well have it ready too 
for when the varnish arrived!

This room has a work table, two chairs and a globe on a stand!

Here they are, assembled and not painted.

Here they are painted and waiting for the varnish!

Here I have added the carpets to both the Sitting Room and the Library.
The clarity of the printed detail in these kits is very good!
I had Hoped, Dear Readers, that the acrylic varnish would arrive on Saturday. 
When it didn't, I went shopping! I found some at Michael's.
And Sunday saw me finally able to continue with the Teeny Tiny Tea Table...

Varnish applied!
So much Fuss for such a Tiny amount of varnish!

But once it was dry, I could add the cushions to the tiny chair....

And the lace "cloth" to the Tea Table!
And would you believe it there is a teapot and two cups!
 Can you even see them?
They are paper and are meant to be flat silhouettes.... 
but I wanted them to have a little bit of three-dimensionality to them....
so I added just a drop of Aleen's Quick Dry Glue 
on each piece and let it dry. 
I built up three layers of "roundness" this way!
And then painted them white as the instructions said.
(I am sure you will notice that the cup handles are "broken"... 
they did not survive the laser cutting process... 
but as far as I am concerned, they are just the "every-day" china!)
And then, Dear Readers, I must have gotten very hungry 
because I forgot to take any pictures of the cake making...

Can you see it on the little tray on the table.....???
(You will have to poke the pictures to see closer!)

Here is a slightly closer view...
 it is really hard to get my camera to focus on the right spot!
(This is the first mini cake baking I have done!)
I am sure it is a vanilla buttercream frosted angelfood cake, 
with a raspberry and mint leaves on top!

Would you care for a cup of tea and a slice of cake....?
Oh, Heavens, I forgot there is only one chair!

But wait, I will borrow one from the Library.....

There you have it, Dear Readers,
 Won't you join me for Tea?
Cake and Tea, In cups that just might be 
Two Too Tiny!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

More Teeny Tinies....

Not Done....

I had so Hoped I would have a competed set of furniture for the Next Room to show you, Dear Readers, but Alas, I got distracted by small Snags and Big indecisions and have Not completed most of what has been started! The Next room in the Secret Christmas House is the Sitting Room, on the middle floor above the Library, on the smaller side of the House. It is decorated in pale green striped wallpaper, and I had made minimal alterations to the ceiling of this room back in the Winter, only adding a central ceiling medallion painted white. I am trying to stick faithfully to the kits as instructed, but I find myself adding a few details and wanting to change others.

The furnishings for this room consist of an old cast iron parlor stove, 
a round "Tea Table", two wing-back Easy Chairs 
and a single small side chair.

The Wing back chairs were easy to assemble, as was the parlor stove.

There is a printed "fire" glued to the back of the stove.
It looks amazingly realistic!
The Tea Table, on the other hand, 
was Not easy to assemble!

The pieces that you need to separate from the board
 are Teeeeeny-tiny and fragile!
And one leg needs to attach first to the Table top, 
while the other three attach first to the stretcher piece....
with the feet facing in the right direction!
And then you somehow magically make the two halves go together 
with glue involved in the right places and at the right angles....... 
and all the pieces are too small to hold onto without tweezers...!
Whew... did it work?

Heavens, that is Tiny!
After that Dear Readers, the tiny chair is a piece of cake!

And then they need to be painted.... 
dark "wood" color for the table and chair.....

And "cloth" colored for the Wing back chairs!
And this is where I start to get into trouble....
They recommend a pale green cloth color to go with the wallpaper ...
(and the curtains which I have not added either!)
And they say there is only one way to achieve the effect of cloth on these chairs 
and that is many Many MANY coats of paint!

                         I am starting with a white base color and just adding coat after coat.....

 This is seven coats of paint so far..... 
is it starting to look "soft" like cloth?
(Do remember to poke the pictures to enlarge them)
And on top of all those coats of paint, 
I am wanting to make them a darker green color....
rather than the pale green they recommend.

And then they say to varnish all the wood painted pieces 
with a "matte acrylic varnish".... 
(which I don't have in my supplies....)

Before adding the printed "cloth" pieces to these.....
There is a lace cloth for the table and "cushions" for the chair.
I guess I will have to find some acrylic varnish 
in order to finish all these tiny pieces of furniture.

So you can see, Dear Readers, 
I am momentarily snagged  by lack of supplies 
and decisions I still need to make.
The Teeny tiny furniture might not be All Done...
but it is ready and waiting
for many more coats of varnish and paint.
(Just how many is "many Many MANY?)